2018 First to Finish - Lorrie Collins and Dottie Rickards

$30  TOUR OF DUTY RIDE - 2019


                   Tour of Duty Ranking Members

Major - 7 Years of Successfully Completed Tours

Marc Schoenberg

Captain - 6 Years of Successfully Completed Tours

Mitchell James             Jim Belton                    Shannon Parker        Sam Ratliff

1st Lieutenant - 5 Years of Successfully Completed Tours

Jackie James               Michael Wilding            Sid Grant                     David Morgan           

Darren Wright            Sue Wright                                  

2nd Lieutenant -  4 Years of Successfully Completed Tours

Eva Stickney               Jesse Lamp                    Kathy Orr                    Dotty Rickards

Dianne Fish                Jim Bayle                        Paulette Bayle            Jeff Doyle

​Blaine Cyr                   Misty Baker                   Lorrie Collins              Diane Feack

Jeff Smith                   Ray Williams                  Michael Wroten                     

Sergeant - 3 Years of Successfully Completed Tours

Manuel Mendoza      Clark Buchanan            Tony Hernandez         Nancy Hernandez                       

Rod Yarger                    Margarita Brunke         Volker Brunke             Alex Paul

John Dillard                 Barry Fisher                  Pavel Krivoruchko       Jeff Lane

Jeff Jensen                   Don Rodrigues             Kricket Nicholson        Larry Nicholson 

Gerald Simon             Roxanne Simon            Gail Kunz                      Leonard Kunz 

Michael Wroten         Dave Browne                            

Corporal- 2 Years Successfully Completed Tours

Rob Berger                Tim Davidson                Terri Jensen                 Jessica Lamp

Tonita Berger            Russ Long                      Art Miller                     Gerorge Paradis
Paul Williams​              Jon Brazelton                Scott Lacy                    Dave Steffen 

​Eugene Dorn            Anthony Humphries    Chris Melton               Tina Melton   

Mitchell Kinney        Vance Marlow               Nancy Morris               Joe Morris

Doug Pettis               Marilyn Pritchard          Deanna Thompson    Jeff Thompson         

Eric Schoenberg       Jeff Stauber                    Maggie Stauber          Josh Meritt

Charles Woods         Analise Famiglietti        Carole Apple 

Milt Bastian               Greg Berg

Private 1st Class - 1 Year Successfully Completed Tour

Jerry Allen               Steve Allen                       Allen Bailey                 Mark Boni
Robert Bryant        Al Gilgliano                       Eric Grant                    Cathie Heiman
David Huffine        Reggie Jamo                     Dave Stering               Charlotte Hindlider 

Thomas Jones        Rob Layman                    Robert McIntosh         Ken Manley         
Tina Meyer            Craig Meyer                      Jennifer Thomas         Khembar Yund

David Norris          Jen Orfield                        Cassandra Williams   Weldon Williams                
Mark Owens          Terri Owens                      John Oyen                   Bobby Payne
Cindi Thurow        Don Zimmerman             Roger Payne                Chris Ratliff
Joe Reiss                 Brian Rickman                  Cinda Riley                  Dee Robinson
Dean Smith           Mark Robinson                Charity Sandoval         Ben Scott
Kurt Sexton           Cindy Sexton                    David Whitehead        Candi Smith
Ken Wimer             DJ Blankenship                Renne Blankenship    Melvin Flud

Liz Connors           Charles Cutrell                 Lorin Cyr                       William Hinton

Irma Miller            Charles Miller                   Eric Morgan                  James Ternes                  

Rick Thorn             Carole Apple                    Lee Silcox

​Diana Baker          Teresa Ballou                   Robert Baker

ENLISTMENT:  When you register for the Tour of Duty Ride, you  will receive in the mail, your official Bikes and Badges Tour of Duty Dog Tag and registration confirmation.  On May 1st, you will receive an email at 8:00 AM containing your mission packet with all your mission locations  for the summer

MISSIONS:  Your official orders packet will include 20 mission ride locations spread throughout Washington and Oregon. In order to complete your missions this summer, you will need to ride to each location and get your picture taken there.  You may either email the photos to Headquarters by the deadline or send them by mail with your orders packet by September 30th, 2019.  Ten or more successfully completed mission is a successful completion on the Tour of Duty Ride.   There is also a seperate Long Range Recon Patrol Mission that is included in the packet.  If you complete that mission you will also receive an LRRP Pin.

T-SHIRT:  If you complete 10 or more Tour of Duty missions, send your orders packet back to headquarters.  Headquarters will issue you a Tour of Duty t-shirt and ride patch.  

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE:  Everyone who completes 15-19 missions will receive in addition to their t-shirt and patch, a distinguished service pin.

MEDAL OF HONOR:  Everyone who completes 20 mission will receive in addition to the t-shirt and ride patch, the Medal of Honor pin. 

FIRST TO FINISH:  The first person to complete all 20 missions and get the photos back to Headquarters will receive a special Medal of Honor Pin.  

​2013 First to Finish Marc Schoenberg

2012 First to Finish - Marc Schoenberg

2011 First to Finish - Art Miller

2014 First to Finish Mitchell James and Jackie James

Tour of Duty Photos

2016 First to Finish - Barry Fisher

2017 First to Finish - Dave Browne and Sid Grant

            2015 First To Finish - Leonard Kunz